The hunt for .22lr ammo in stock continues

11th April 2013


2000Rds CCI MINI-MAG STINGERS BLAZERS 22LR in stock for sale

2000Rds of asorted CCI .22lr ammo in stock for sale. 1000Rds of CCI MINI-MAG High Velocity 40gn CPRN 2lr ammo. 500Rds of CCI MINI-MAG High Velocity 36gn CPHP .22LR ammo. 250Rds CCI Stinger Hyper Velocity 32gn CPHP 22lr ammo. 250Rds of CCI Blazer High Velocity 40gn CPRN 22LR ammo.

 The MTM case gard ammo can is constructed out of rugged, reinforced polypropylene and featuring dual latches and the classic O-ring seal, this Ammo Can will withstand the harshest environments.




2000 rounds CCI 22lr in stock for sale

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